How Our Innovative Client Made
108 Sales in 22 Hours

Simply by clarifying her offer, our client saw mind-blowing results. Take a look at her story and what it can teach you.

Many of our clients come to us with all sorts of excellent ideas on how to grow their business. But there’s more to success than just ideas.

Without a clear way to turn them into reality, ideas remain nothing but figments of imagination.

That’s why our job is to show our clients the best way to execute a strategy that will make their ideas wildly profitable. And that’s what we recently did for our client, Nicole.

When she first came to us, Nicole had a variety of goals. She wanted to put many different things into the process and use them to grow her business.

However, she didn’t know where to start.

With so many ideas at once, finding the best way forward was a challenge. Plus, we had to find a way to fund all of those projects at the same time.

Not long after she joined us, Nicole achieved results that she couldn’t have imagined. Our framework gave her everything she needed to maximize her success. Have a look at a breakdown of that framework and how it helped Nicole.

From Zero to 108 in Less Than a Day

Whenever a client comes to us, one of the first questions we ask is, ‘What should we do now?’

Our goal is to get a quick win right away, which we’d later transform into lasting success.

With Nicole, we had to see what we were optimizing for. She had three books in mind, a ready-built app, and a bunch of goals related to fame. These included things like having a lot of followers and overall social media success.

The question was, how do we fund all these efforts and what should be our primary area of focus?

To figure this out, we first had to audit Nicole’s audience. We did that and we liked what we saw. She already had a large and loyal following that loved everything she put out. And yet, there were only 40 people in her app.


The answer became clear once we looked into the buying process. We spent 30 minutes or so figuring out how to buy her app!

It was obvious then that we had to simplify the buying process.

We realized that the few people who ended up buying did so largely by accident. That’s why we wanted to make the process more straightforward, allowing people to go through it more easily. And this one thing alone resulted in massive improvements.

But of course, this was only one piece of the puzzle…

After assessing everything that Nicole wanted to create, we decided to focus on two main things — her app and books. We also realized that the app should be able to fund the books. At the very least, it had to leave enough time for Nicole to focus on writing her books.

To make this happen, we used our four lenses concept. This is where we assess all decisions and processes against four factors:

  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Forcing function
  • Revenue generation

We looked at everything that Nicole wanted to do through these four lenses. Then, we got rid of every process that wouldn’t contribute to the success of the app and books. This is so we could focus on the things that truly mattered.

Since Nicole had a super-engaged audience, we could’ve easily created 10 different offers. This is what many entrepreneurs would do to maximize their earning potential. But if you think about it, it’s not a good idea at all.

How so?

Well, who has the time and skills to manage ten different sales processes? Our goal was to free up more of Nicole’s time, not to overwhelm her further. It was all about creating the perfect balance between high income and the amount of effort required.

Striking that balance was simple.

All Nicole had to do was to turn her book idea into a masterclass. We told her to think about the main things she wanted to teach with the one book. Then, we got her to structure it into a set of several lessons.

The benefits of this were twofold. First, the masterclass was to contain videos that would lead to the app, thereby getting more people to buy it. And the masterclass would be a revenue generator on its own.

Plus, Nicole could use the transcripts of the course to build out her book. As such, this one idea contributed greatly to everything she wanted to achieve.

On top of this, we changed how Nicole approached the live classes that she’d been doing. We found a way to monetize them further by making them a part of the VIP experience within the app. Without introducing any new systems, we found a way to reward true fans who were already in the app.

Of course, these are only some of the main things we did. We also took quite a number of action steps to make all of this happen. And the results were more than worth it.

How It All Ties Together

After going through everything described above, Nicole completely transformed her business. All those micro-steps we took paid off beautifully.

In less than 24 hours (22 to be exact), Nicole saw 108 people rolling in and she made $120,000. The crazy part is that all of this happened without any sales push!

We didn’t have to drastically change anything or introduce lots of new stuff. We just took the existing ideas and processes and structured them in a way that maximized Nicole’s results.

She’s now getting more masterclass enrollments and app subscribers. Furthermore, she has a framework for the book that she wants to create. When she finally has the book, Nicole will have added yet another source of revenue.

From then on, it will be just a matter of pushing forward and growing further.

It’s All About the System

As you can see, it’s more than possible to skyrocket your success without reinventing the wheel. All you have to do is find a way to get the most of what you’re already working with.

This is precisely what we did with Nicole. And the results blew her away.

If you need help achieving this level of success, we’re here to support you. Visit our website to get in touch and see what we can do.